Ms. Amanda Serumaga, UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles Resident Representative, and representatives of the 10 recipient NGOs. Photo: Jean-Yan Norbert@UNDP Mauritius


Thursday 15 July, Port-Louis

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) will support 10 Non-Governmental Organisations involved in sustainable development projects in Mauritius and Rodrigues. A grant amount of Rs 24,195,160 was formalized through the signature of a memorandum of agreement with beneficiaries. This amount includes an initial donation of Rs 20,613,010 and additional financial support of Rs 3,582,150 from other UNDP projects to three of the ten recipients.

Present in 127 countries, the GEF Small Grants Programme highlights the contribution of small-scale sustainable development projects to communities and civil society organizations. With grants of USD 50,000, these projects focus on areas such as biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, sustainable land management and forest restoration, international water conservation and pollution control. In addition to their environmental dimension, these projects also lay emphasis on capacity building, social inclusion and income generation.  

This year’s funding recipients are EcoMode Society, Caritas, Kolektif Rivier Nwar, Ocean Connect, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (Rodrigues), Trou d'Eau Douce Fishermen Cooperative Society Ltd, Shoals Rodrigues, Marine Megafauna Conservation Organisation, Fédération des Maisons Familiales Rurales (Maurice et Rodrigues) and Regroupement des Petites Entreprises Touristiques (Rodrigues).

Following the MV Wakashio oil spill, the SGP Programme paid particular attention to the restoration of the impacted natural ecosystems in the lagoon. The need to support the coastal communities affected by the disaster was also considered. The aid was also directed towards activities related to food self-sufficiency and security, namely the creation of a value chain around sustainable fishing, an integrated agroecological farm, sustainable aquaculture, and native oyster farming. The beneficiaries also include NGOs involved in the restoration of a river ecosystem, coral reefs restoration on the southeast coast, the protection of the marine megafauna, the conservation of endemic species, the promotion of marine ecotourism, and training young people in the maintenance of biodigesters and solar panels.

At the ceremony, Ms Pamela Bapoo-Dundoo, National Coordinator of the UNDP- GEF Small Grants Programme, highlighted the importance of community actions to address local environmental issues in a global climate change context. She also added that “many projects, supported by the programme over the past 25 years, have produced positive and concrete results, some of which are recognized and replicated at national and international level.”

Ms Amanda Serumaga, UNDP Resident Representative for Mauritius and Seychelles emphasized that inclusive approaches are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Ms Serumaga said that “The purpose of the funding provided to NGOs today is to support community-led projects aimed specifically to assist vulnerable groups, in particular coastal communities impacted by COVID-19 and the grounding of MV Wakashio.” Ms Serumaga also stated that the UNDP looks forward to continued collaboration with communities and the civil society to work towards achieving better livelihoods and making continued progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

On behalf of all recipients, Nadeem Nazurally, of Ecomode Society, thanked the representatives of the GEF Small Grants Programme and the United Nations Development Programme for this financial support which allows NGOs to continue their work with the communities. 


For more information on the UNDP - GEF Small Grants Programme, please contact:

Pamela Bapoo-Dundoo


National Coordinator

GEF Small Grants Program

United Nations Development Programme

2nd Floor, SIPF Building 

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Tel: (230) 213 53 84  

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