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UNDP Resident Representative, Amanda K. Serumaga, remarks at the launching of the Training Programme on Capacity Building and Capability Development

Today we are witnessing a key step in the efforts from various stakeholders towards public service resilience underpinned by efficiency, accountability, excellent customer care and driven by…  

Capacity building for public sector transformation and efficiency

Despite reforms initiatives brought in the public service over the years, the government of Mauritius is fully conscious that the unprecedented and rapidly changing environment triggered by the…  

Seminar on the Participatory Gender Audit in the Private Sector in Mauritius

In 2018, the Parliamentary Gender Caucus (PGC) established at the level of the Mauritius National Assembly has commissioned a Participatory Gender Audit in the Private Sector in Mauritius. The aim of…  

Digital Transformation as Sustainable Development pathway in Mauritius

In September 2018, UNDP and Estonia launched a global cooperation project to share best practices of digital transformation through more than 170 UNDPs country offices, including Mauritius. This new…  

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