Inclusive growth

On Rodrigues island (Mauritius) tackling youth unemployment and food security through sustainable agriculture is the answer brought a Small Grants Programme-UNDP's project. This initiative is also having an impact in transforming the education system and offering alternatives to the traditional school system.

The Government Programme 2015-2019 and the Blueprint for Mauritius’ Vision 2030 provides a sound and long-term reference framework for national development and call for a new economic model, new patterns in the public sector and other structural changes in order for Mauritius to reach the high income status, to promote an inclusive society and to eradicate poverty. To that end, UNDP has been instrumental in providing technical expertise in the elaboration of Vision 2030.

The Country Programme’s thrust is to bring significant added value in high-level policy support for inclusive development, gender-sensitive policies, public sector efficiency and digital transformation.

Component 1 of Pillar 1 of the UNDP Mauritius CPD 2017-2020 is supporting the implementation of the recommendations of the Marshall Plan (MP) to fight against Poverty which was developed in March 2016 with the technical assistance of a multidisciplinary team from the UNDP Regional Service Center for Africa (RSCA), under the leadership of the Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment.

The programme is having with a focus on strengthening the capacities of national actors, systems and institutions through targeted policy interventions and translation of the goals at the national level, to accelerate sustained growth and safeguard development gains.


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