Crowdfunding: Options to address a funding gap through collaborative economy

While relief efforts are being created to rebound, it is high time to explore innovative policy options to ease the humanitarian and development crisis. One possible solution in Mauritius is to…  

Marine protected areas and livelihoods

The Covid-19 pandemic brought almost all nautical activities in Mauritius and Rodrigues to a standstill for around 70 days during the period of confinement. The lockdown period to stem the spread of…  

Towards Sustainable Land Management in the Republic of Mauritius

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of both Mauritius and Rodrigues in terms of food security. One immediate response of the population has been a renewed interest in backyard…  

New Skills for New Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted the energy sector globally. The forced shutdown of many economies worldwide has resulted in decreased energy demand and a decline in oil prices. Although the…  

Chasing COVID-19

With 334 cases and 322 recovered at the end of May, Mauritius appears to have effectively managed the current COVID-19 wave. Detection, tracking and control of sources of infection such as clusters…  

Three reasons why energy transition is important for Mauritius COVID-19 economic recovery

Beyond a public health crisis, Mauritius, like other Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) that heavily rely on tourism and imported goods, is facing the harsh impacts of the economic downturn…  

Blog: Large Ocean Economies

A Post-COVID Narrative for Small Island Developing States.  

Blog: And then came the pandemic

A robust response to the pandemic has been saving lives but will also have far-reaching socio-economic consequences.  

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