In Mauritius and Seychelles, UNDP is collaborating with the Governments and other partners in designing and implementing pro-poor policies and actions, targeting vulnerable groups, specifically those who are currently unemployed and those who lose their jobs due to industry restructuring, micro/small entrepreneurs, low-income and vulnerable households.

The focus is on improving public sector management supporting poverty reduction, social inclusion and gender equality is promoted through responsive strategies. Moreover, UNDP's commitment to the development of a stronger civil society responds to the need of ensuring that the development paradigm is based on a participatory and inclusive process, enabling the population, alongside with the government and the private sector to define and implement appropriate policies, including gender mainstreaming.

UNDP will continue to support nationally led initiatives in the area of Democratic Governance:

  • in Mauritius: strengthen institutional capabilities for the accountable, equitable and effective use of resources.
  • in Seychelles: build capacity of State and Non State actors to improve and strengthen governance capacity in Seychelles society, with particular emphasis in the area of human (including gender) rights, for the sustainable and equitable development of Seychelles.

As Small Island Developing States (SIDS), Mauritius and Seychelles are characterised by the inherent vulnerabilities such as small land area, limited natural resources and environmental sensitivity. In Mauritius and Seychelles, the key environmental challenges are Climate change adaptation; Coastal degradation; Water management; Loss of biodiversity; Soil degradation; Invasive species; Marine pollution;Chemicals management; Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency; and Sustainable land use.

Resource mobilization is a key element for the implementation of the environment projects in Mauritius and Seychelles. UNDP is one of the main Executing agencies for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Green Climate Fund, mobilising the first Mauritius Grant in December 2016.

The objective of the environmental work of the UNDP Country Office for Mauritius is to improve the management of protected areas, improve the climate resilience of coastal zones and promote sustainable energy while in Seychelles the focus is mainly on the strategic priorities outlined in the national environment policy. of both countries

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